Our multilingual team (German, English, Russian, Ukrainian) with more than 10 years of experience in the Austrian real estate sector, offers the following services:

  • Independent expert appraisal and determination of the real property price
  • Independent legal accompaniment of your real estate business and verification of the documents issued by lawyers
  • Independent advice on taxation, technical, economic and legal issues
  • Independent analysis, creation of market overviews in the segments you are interested in and preselection incl. visit

We will help you to keep the cost of your property purchase as low as possible.
One of the biggest problems with investments abroad is usually a lack of local market knowledge. People in Austria have a very low mobility. Relocations to other cities or regions are very rare. Only relocations from the countryside to the cities play a significant role.

In addition to that travel times to work of more than one hour hardly accepted. Because of this low mobility and the diverse scenic attractiveness (mountains, lakes, hills, lowlands, more or less attractive cities, sophisticated or traditional tourist resorts, inaccessibility in winter, etc.) property prices vary strongly, even within an range of only just a few kilometers.

The real estate market therefore might seem to be quite confusing which is often made use of when profitabely selling to foreigners. Partly there are fair, market-oriented selling prices, but partly prices are  excessively high, up to 200%.

We can give you a picture of the local real estate market
Our service range also includes inspection of your desired property for market conformity. We can bring cheaper alternatives in comparable regions and, if requested, make a preselection for you by inspection as well as by conducting technical, legal and economic examinations.

From a fiscal perspective, there are interesting options. For the acquisition of the property there is also a differently graduated land transfer tax in addition to the fees. Property purchases can be VAT-free or be handled as sales with 20% VAT. Furthermore, for rental three different sales taxes can apply, 0%, 10% and 20%. For the sale of a property the partly very complex real estate tax has to be taken into account.

When buying a property inconspicuous legal topics turn out to be significant problems which will result in additional costs or reduce the value of your property. Billed charges should be checked in every case, to prevent non-experts from overcharging.

This small segment of the potential problems illustrates that an acquisition without the concurrence of independent property experts often results in high and partly unplanned costs.